Anasayfaya Dön

General Information

Vision 2024

Our vision is to be a respected and reputable tourism school that is preferred by individuals with talent and diversity in the terms of academic and who have career goals in tourism, accommodation and recreation areas; to become a leading innovative educational and research centre and to be a leading institution that makes a difference in executive education.


• To develop tourism, accommodation and recreation by supporting diversity and participation;

• To provide student-centred and vocational preparation programs and quality to meet the leadership needs of the tourism, accommodation and recreation industry;

• To develop knowledge of tourism, accommodation and recreation by carrying out advanced research;

 • To contribute to the tourism, accommodation and recreation profession by providing qualified services to the related organizations;

• To provide awareness and sensitivity training services to the particularly Batman University community, Batman University services department and Batman and the people of the region on the importance of tourism; to improve the tourism perception by giving general and necessary courses.

• To carry out interdisciplinary research and projects with other academic units of the university.